Ebox 3350mx linux

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Ebox 3350mx linux

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MX Linux 19 vs Manjaro - Desktop Linux Comparison

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Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. X You seem to have CSS turned off. Briefly describe the problem required :. Upload screenshot of ad required :. The good news is the syslog is by default stored in RAM and auto-rotates. Though, clearly this does not look good for the r kernel driver.

Other than what appears the r driver resetting every second, does everything else work? Doing some googling for "eboxMX", it seems a custom kernel "2.

It seems the hardware manufacture DMP supplies custom. Even though you may be very close to getting AstLinux working on the eboxMX, it may take a lot of work and a custom kernel build or patch kernel r The diver has no settings.

Get a free account! Mikhail, The "r" ethernet driver is already in AstLinux. Temporarily, typing "modprobe r" should bring the ethernet port to life. If you get AstLinux working on this little box, please report back with your results.I have long been looking for a cheap single board computer SBC which has similar dimensions to the Raspberry Pi but with an x86 processor.

It can be found on eBay as well as from other embedded component manufacturers such as RoboSavvy. I spent some time playing around with the box and this article will share some of my findings. At first glance, the box is indeed small and around the same dimensions as the Raspberry Pi, just a bit thicker. Or perhaps its size can be comparable to a Raspberry Pi placed in its enclosure. The photo below allows you to compare the MX, Mac Mini and my calculator:.

The box comes in various configurations, with optional serial ports and SATA connectors. Of note is the auto power on feature model MX-AP which allows the box to turn on immediately upon power being applied. Without this feature, you would need to manually press the power button to switch the box on.

Mine is the cheapest model without auto power on, serial ports or SATA support which cost me around SGD including of shipping costs. There is a power indicator LED on the board which also doubles as the disk activity indicator. This is rougly equivalent to a processor that has extra support for MMX instructions. The PC speaker output is also not mixed with the sound card output, unlike most laptops.

As a result, even with a speaker connected to the audio output, you will hear no POST beep, and games that utilizes the PC speaker will not be able to produce any sounds when run in pure DOS mode.

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There is no reset button on this box. To reset the PC, you must hold the power button for 10 seconds and release it. Or simply disconnect, reconnect the power supply and press the power button.

As expected, there is no PC speaker. This is the overall system information page:. If you are adventurous enough, try to disable the setting and see what happens. It also support USB hotplug, allowing you to plug in a new USB device and have it detected under legacy mode without the need to reboot the box.

ebox 3350mx linux

And although it supports USB hubs, it does not seem to like to see USB keyboards and mice being plugged to the same hub, which will result in either device not detected.

If this is the case for you, try to plug your input devices to separate USB ports instead. And while larger thumb drives will be detected as IDE hard disks and work without issues, thumb drives smaller than 2GB may be detected as floppy drives, and not as IDE hard drives, making it impossible to be used under DOS mode.

Sometimes, especially after a few minutes of being idle while in the BIOS screen, USB keyboards suddenly become unusable, forcing me to reset the system before the keyboard can be used again. I guess this is most probably a result of hardware failure rather than a Linux driver or kernel bug. USB has an over-current protection, which gets triggered when power consumption from the port is too high, and perhaps the board sometimes does not provide enough current on its USB ports.

The VGA output also does not seem to be very sharp, perhaps due to the limitation of the Vortex86 processor. My first attempt is to try to run DOS on this board. With a bootable USB drive connected, change the boot order in the BIOS and the board should boot up to the command prompt without issues.

From this point installing your favourite DOS software is a breeze. As expected, the processor is recognized as aalbeit at only MHz speed. The board reports no serial ports or parallel ports, so it is likely that even if the connector is soldered, the reserved COM1 and COM3 port will still be unusable without a BIOS update.Dimenticavo di dire che compresa la box, pesa circa grammi.

Per ora non trovo notizie sul Wifi. Trovo intelligente l'aver messo una porta USB su un lato e altre due dall'altro. Nel caso basti una sola periferica USB, allora alimentazione, chiavetta e cavo ethernet sono collegati tutti sullo stesso lato della box.

Della eBox pure mi lagno per la porta seriale ne avrebbe tre, di seriali, ma per la prima bisogna fare acrobazie con le saldature SMD, e per le altre due bisogna fare ulteriori acrobazie.

Infine, sia la Beagleboard che la eBox guardano troppo al multimediale. Troppo facile progettarvi un NAS o un mediacenter. Dicono che verso novembre dovrebbe essere disponibile: modello "A" senza ethernet a soli 25 dollari, e modello "B" con porta ethernet a 35 dollari.

Particolarmente urgentissimo! Iscriviti Post Atom. Commenti Atom.

ebox 3350mx linux

Vivace Cendrillon. Le casse?!? Hanno spennato le piante! La solita rapina Due nuove Beagleboard xM nelle mie mani!!

Altre vacanze romane Pane sciapo Vacanze romane All'assaltooooo! Ma porca paletta!

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Riparazioni varie Altre foto ferroviarie Geronimooooo! Pololu M3PI: lo voglio!! Vedo finalmente in vendita l' eBox MXun micro PC basato su processore Vortex86 classe itotalmente fanless. Costa 87 sterline circa euro.


Niente dogana. Categoria beagleboard.

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Aggiungi commento. Carica altro Iscriviti a: Commenti sul post Atom.This board can be found in the AMD product catalog and is commonly used in thin clients and other embedded solutions. However, for some reasons the sound card midi output MT32 seems to be routed to the PC speaker, and not to the audio output socket. There is also a 2.

Power for the board is supplied via a 12V 1A connector. A reset button is present on the board near the power LED, allowing you to quickly reboot without having to disconnect and reconnect the power. You can tell when this is the case — the drive would refuse to open the tray and the busy LED will just keep on blinking. There also seems to be some sort of power leak or grounding issue on this board. Although there is no floppy connector on the board, the BIOS reports that there is a 1.

This will cause the system to stop responding for as long as 15 seconds if you attempt to access the floppy drive later. You must make a bootable USB drive using a tool such as Rufuscopy the Windows 98 installer files to another USB drive, and boot up using the bootable drive while keeping the drive with the installer connected.

EXE to begin installation. Also for the best experience, it is recommended that you use Windows 98 SE, and not the original version of Windows If the setup hangs while setting up programs on the start menu, simply reboot and let the setup resume.

The second setup attempt should work. After successful installation, which will take around 40 minutes, open Device Manager, you will find that the following devices are not recognized due to the lack of drivers:. After extensive research, I managed to find Windows 98 drivers for the graphics card, sound card, and Ethernet port, which can be downloaded here. So even with the USB mass storage drivers for Windows 98, using USB thumb drives or hard disk under Windows is still out of the question on this board.

The only alternative to transfer files to this board under Windows is to use the Ethernet port. Despite the limitations, Windows 98 boots up in less than 30 seconds and performs quite fast on this board with MB of RAM installed.

I could get Microsoft Office 97, Visual Studio 6. I tried to install Windows XP. The installation took over 2 hours and once completed, Windows took more than 3 minutes to boot. Except for the USB controller which is now recognized allowing USB thumb drives and hard disks to work out the box, the network card, graphics card and audio hardware still require drivers to be installed.It's proving to be a great little time-waster!!

It uses OpenCV 1. However getting Processing and Arduino to run on the eBox has proved to be a major headache. I eventually discovered that if you use Processing However I have had no luck at all with Arduino and have tried arduino, arduino, arduino, arduino and arduino The earlier versions refuse to open, and the later ones open but always give a compilation error.

Well I must say the eBox is very useful if you are feeling bored and need to fill in an hour, or two There has been a very recent conversation about JAVA on eBox and the absence of i specific instructions. Therefore either the compiler is trying to use an i instruction to produce the assembled code or the Arduino IDE has an incompatible version of JAVA btw the JAVA version used by Arduino is inside the Arduino folder; even if you have another version installed in program Files, Arduino will still use its own version.

In any case, if the Arduino complier does not "like" the eBox, you can always compile and download the Arduino Sketch and all the Arduinp part of the Tutorial using another PC.

You don't have to do it on eBox at all. The only thing that needs to be running on eBox is the OpenCV code. The Arduino part, just needs to be done once on any computer and once you have the code downloaded tot he Arduino you can connect it to any computer. Please let us know how it goes. As I mentioned we have OpenCV 2. Regards Pedro. Last edited by PedroR on Mon Oct 17, am, edited 1 time in total. Here is the video phpBB [media]. FYI the face tracking sample is quite a cool one that you can easily reproduce.

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PedroR wrote: Hi ozzfiddler In any case, if the Arduino complier does not "like" the eBox, you can always compile and download the Arduino Sketch and all the Arduinp part of the Tutorial using another PC. But from my results so far I think that the eBox MX is just too slow to manage this sort of thing. The substantial time lag would seem to rule out anything as complex as face tracking.

ebox 3350mx linux

Well, I spent the day on this and still haven't managed to get it working properly. Have you tested using a lower resolution?

There's a lot of floating point going on when using OpenCV and usually lowering the camera resolution helps improve FPS. Thanks Pedro. Hi ozzfiddler What resolution are you using? Anyway, this is the result so far sorry about the jerky video I'm not sure where the camera resolution is set. I have tried opencv 1. I tried even newer version with no luck.

I have troubleshot my setup as follows: 1.

Oh no! Some styles failed to load. 😵

Installed properly opencv and set the environmental variables 2.Guide: Installing Ubuntu Linux Warning 1 : There are a few Linux installation guides on the Internet for eBox 33xx Series including the manufacturer's website but most of them are for 33xx A which is an older model and uses a very different architecture.

Therefore many of these guides will not work with the newer eBox 33xx MX series.

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These processors do not support the full i instruction set they are i This means, for example, that Ubuntu versions after You can also go with a 2.

A Class 4 SD card from Sandisk can often be faster than a class 10 from an unknown vendor. Choosing SD cards from a reputable vendor also improves overall reliability. Using MicroSD cards has proven unreliable and may results in random errors or intermittent failure. The quality of the SD card has a huge impact on the performance of your eBox. Therefore make sure to follow the guidelines above.

All later versions of Ubuntu are optimized for i as they make use of the CMOV instruction which is not present on the Vortex86MX and therefore won't work.

eBox-3350DX2-C2AP - 1Ghz, 512MB RAM, SD slot, 1xLAN, VGA, 3xUSB, 2xRS-232, AutoPower-on

We've downloaded Ubuntu Insufficient power or lower quality power adapters may cause intermittent failures such as: no VGA, Reset during the boot process, date reverting to or not booting at all; if you experience any of these symptoms on the eBox MX please be advised they're caused by insufficient power supply; try using different adapters rated 5V 1A at least ideally 2A.

Installation Process: The installation process is straightforward. Just boot from CD and follow the installation steps. First boot: On first boot, you'll get a fully functional desktop but you won't have Network access. This is because you're using the default kernel of Ubuntu which doesn't include the drivers for the Ethernet port and HD Audio built onto the SoC. To fix this and get maximum performance you need to install a custom kernel from DMP.

At the time of writing, the latest, recommended Kernel is version 2. The kernel comes as a DEB package which is very straightforward to install. You must to install it from the command line following the instructions on one of the following locations:. Booting with the new kernel: When booting Ubuntu with the new kernel you may see some Warnings being thrown by Linux because the Vortex86 architecture is considered "unkown".

Physeo notes

These can also be safely ignored; just wait for the eBox to finish booting and you'll get into the Graphical Desktop. The instructions include a comprehensive set of steps that need to be performed as root, for compiling the driver and also setting up the WiFi connection. This is enough for everyday applications and for the majority of users.

This procedure is only recommended for users comfortable with working on the Console. DMP's VGA drivers improve the 2D performance and can also enable higher resolutions if you need them X windows will be smoother when drawing and moving windows for example. The installation procedure is very well documented by user Linx on this post. This will stop the X windows system and send you to text mode. This takes a few seconds.This site uses cookies in order to improve your user experience and to provide content tailored specifically to your interests.

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ebox 3350mx linux

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