Cemco shaftwall

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Cemco shaftwall

Standard in a G60 coating, G90 coated products are also available upon special order. All of these c-studs and tracks are manufactured from the highest quality G40 hot-dipped galvanized steel ranging in thicknesses from 15 mils up to 33 mils. The trapezoidal punch-outs enable several trades, such as plumbing, HVAC, technology, and electrical to take advantage of access route for various services while sturdy, long floor spans are maintained.

The corresponding SSTT Rim Tracks are produced with pre-spaced clips at 12, 16 or 24 inch on-center configurations for ease of installation.

ClarkDietrich Shaftwall Systems

G90 is available upon special order. The United States Gypsum Co. A successful history of quality and productivity are the basis for this long-standing partnership between USG, the largest gypsum wallboard producer in the world, and CEMCO, the premier manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing products in the Western United States. CEMCO has built its reputation on the finest in quality material, using only mill certified hot-dipped galvanized steel.

As an SFIA certified code compliant manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing and metal lath products with over state-of-the-art roll-formers, CEMCO services both small and large construction projects. Easily create a submittal by selecting the components which apply to your specific project materials list. Steel Framing Products. View Category.

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CEMCO is quality, service, support, and innovation. Find a Distributor Request More Information. Create a Submittal Easily create a submittal by selecting the components which apply to your specific project materials list.

cemco shaftwall

Create a New Submittal. Federal Courthouse.Create Smarter Shaftwall Systems. With a fire rating of up to 2 hours, Steeler C-H Studs are UL certified for Fire Resistance Rating, meaning peace-of-mind for designers and elevated safety for occupants. Steeler C-H Studs are hemmed, so they are safer and easier to work with on-the-job.

For fire resistant stairways, elevator shafts and more, bolster your project with Steeler Shaftwall Studs. Super Steelers. Much like other things "super", our standard drywall to steel screw is engineered for speed and strength.

We've hosted many screw competitions over the years, and Super Steelers always seem to come out on top. Save time and money on jobs by using our Super Steeler screw for your drywall to steel fastening needs. For Shaftwall Systems and More. The longer leg in J-Track gives you extra support on one side for when you need it most. J-Track can also act as a shelf angle in floor joist systems, saving you money as a replacement for traditional even-legged track. Arch Specs.

CAD Details. Contact us to order. No knockouts means stronger Shaftwall systems: Steeler C-H studs do not require knockout tabs to hold the shaft liner in place, meaning uncompromised strength where you need it most. Save money in the long-term: We use a full zinc coating to greatly minimize rust formation, meaning your walls will last longer.

Steel framing is not compromised by termites or mold, and holds up better against acts of nature when compared to wood framing. Hemmed edges mean fewer liability claims and safer installation. All rights reserved. Web design by efelle creative.It is relatively common for light wood-frame commercial and multi-family buildings to include shaft walls made from other materials.

However, with an increase in wood construction nationwide, many designers and contractors have come to realize that wood-frame shaft walls are a code-compliant means of reducing costs and shortening construction schedules.

Part 1 of a two-part series, this article provides an overview of building code considerations and detailing. Part 2 will examine fire design requirements, construction constraints, and other potential differences associated with specific applications such as stairs, elevators, and MEP shafts. However, because shaft enclosure walls are to be constructed as fire barriers per Section Provisions addressing materials permitted in shaft wall construction are given in both the shaft enclosures section Per IBC Section A fire-resistance rating of not less than 1 hour is required for shaft enclosures connecting less than four stories.

cemco shaftwall

IBC Section Such fire barriers shall be continuous through concealed space, such as the space above a suspended ceiling. This continuity condition is depicted in the code commentary in a simplistic form where the shaft wall runs parallel to the floor framing Figure 1. However, in platform-frame buildings, there are usually shaft walls that directly support perpendicular framing elements.

It is essential to understand that continuity of the assembly can be maintained even in these scenarios. Having a single fire-resistance-rated assembly running from the bottom to the top of a shaft enclosure with no interruptions, such as a masonry wall, is considered by some to be the clearest path to meeting this requirement.

However, given the potential costs and structural challenges associated with integrating masonry shaft walls in wood-frame buildings, wood-frame shaft walls are becoming increasingly popular.

The requirement is for continuity, but this does not dictate the use of only one assembly. Since fire protection continuity does not equate to wall framing continuity, using means of fire protection other than the tested wall assembly in the depth of the framed floor can be an effective way of providing the required continuity.

In varying degrees depending on the detailthe shaft wall will need to be interrupted to attach the adjacent floor framing and floor sheathing.

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The methods used at this floor-to-wall intersection will also depend somewhat on the floor framing configuration. For example, if the floor were to fail after 1 hour of fire exposure, the wall above could not continue to contain the fire for 2 hours. However, in the condition where a fire barrier wall is supported directly below a floor by another fire barrier, the fire endurance of the floor assembly that lies between the two fire barrier assemblies would not affect the ability of the fire barrier above and below to perform for the full duration of their intended fire resistance.

It is often necessary to penetrate a shaft wall with a structural member such as floor sheathing, a landing beam, or floor joists Figure 2. The allowance for these penetrations comes from IBC Section Structural elements, such as beams or joists, where protected in accordance with Section shall be permitted to penetrate a shaft enclosure.

Figure 2. Stair landing beam shaft wall structural penetration prior to fire caulk installation. Section As noted, the option given in IBC Section The first step in detailing shaft wall construction is to select the rated wall assembly that is appropriate for the application. The assembly type chosen will depend on several application-specific constraints, including space available for the wall assembly, accessibility to finish gypsum wallboard, the height of the shaft, acoustic needs, and construction efficiency.

In some cases, the floor-to-wall intersection detailing necessary for plan approval may affect the type of wall assembly chosen.We use cookies to provide a personalized site experience. By continuing to use and browse this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Forgot your password?

cemco shaftwall

Sign In. Create an account. Please enter the email address you used to create the account. We'll send you a link that lets you create a new password.

It looks like you entered an employee email address, but this is the customer sign-in. Use the link below instead. Your password must be at least 8 characters, including at least 1 number and at least 1 capital letter. Provide the strength to withstand lateral loads and fire protection necessary for walls that enclose elevator shafts, stairwells and other vertical shafts.

Build a Submittal. Order a Sample. Our customer support team will get back to you within 48 hours. USG Cavity Shaft Wall can be used in elevator and mechanical shafts, air ducts, stairwells, and areas where wall construction is only available from one side. In addition, USG Cavity Shaft Wall can be used to provide horizontal protection for corridor ceilings, underside of stairwells, and other applications. The system has been tested for fire and is covered for use throughout the United States.

UL, and rightly so, will not provide a number to system that falls outside the scope of ASTM testing. In this case, to meet the requirements of ASTM E testing, the system would be considered a floor ceiling assembly. As such it must be structurally designed to carry live and dead loads.

Shaft Wall membranes cannot handle live loads. They can only cover dead loads. Also, in some cases the fire exposure on a membrane is from the top, which would never occur in a floor ceiling assembly.

Cemco Specifications

What structural header is required above a two-hour fire damper located within a two-hour fire rated USG Cavity Shaft Wall system? The design of structural members containing fire damper assemblies is normally the responsibility of the fire damper manufacturer, and not USG.

This is for proper operation of the fire damper during a fire. Fasteners should be located at both ends, and staggered 12 inches or closer the full length of the studs.

Please contact your local USG Representative for pricing and availability. A shaft wall can be built in front of the existing partition.

This system can be used for ratings of up to 4 hours. In the literature piece SA, I see limiting height tables for unlined shafts, as well as regular shafts. What is the difference? The difference is in one case the load is considered intermittent, or the load is only applied as the elevator moves by.

In the other case the load is sustained or constant.

Cavity Shaft Wall System

This would be the case for air handling systems. The sustained load is far more severe. Depending on the market you are in, the product will be made at one of three manufacturing locations:. In order to achieve span heights greater than the limited spans the system must be tied back to the structure. The Architect or Engineer of Record determines the details for this attachment. Can you test a wall assembly horizontally to acquire a fire rating for a ceiling?ClarkDietrich provides fully tested and approved assemblies for shaftwall construction.

What makes the ClarkDietrich system unique is that it has been tested with almost every gypsum board and shaft liner manufacturer in the country. Unlike competing systems, the ClarkDietrich C-T Stud and J-Tabbed Track system provide maximum flexibility to choose from a variety of board manufacturers.

Other systems are only tested with one type of gypsum board and shaftliner. This unprecedented flexibility means quick availability of product at economical costs. Shaftwall systems are interior nonload-bearing fire rated wall assemblies that provide critical, life safety, fire-resistant protection for elevator shafts, stairwells, vertical chases and mechanical enclosures.

Shaftwalls in elevators and stairwells are one of the most important wall assemblies in a building. They provide the only means of evacuation from the building in an emergency. Vertical chases and mechanical enclosures keep vital communication, power, water, fresh air and exhaust systems intact when a fire occurs. Gypsum drywall shaftwall construction has become the preferred and most widely used shaftwall assembly. These shaftwalls are lightweight, install faster, and provide lower inplace costs.

They also significantly reduce structural framing and foundation costs. Masonry shaftwalls in high-rise buildings historically weigh between 20 and 45 lbs. In addition to substantial weight reduction, gypsum shaftwall assemblies can be installed from the exterior of the shaft at each floor, eliminating the need for scaffolding. Shaftwall installation is easy, quick and clean.

Light-gauge steel and gypsum assemblies provide fast, lightweight, low-cost and high-performance assemblies. ClarkDietrich C-T Cavity Shaftwall Studs are rigid high-performance members engineered to maintain shaftwall integrity.

C-T Studs are designed for use with 1" thick gypsum shaftliner panels. Gypsum shaftliner panels are inserted into the stud flanges. The flanges provide an airtight friction fit along the length of the panel.

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Studs are automatically spaced 24" o. The system is finished with fire rated gypsum board to complete and achieve the designated fire rating. ClarkDietrich J-Tabbed Track is used at the floor and ceiling in shaftwall assemblies.

CT studs and gypsum shaftliner panels are friction fit between the top and bottom J-Tabbed Track.

cemco shaftwall

J-Tabbed Tracks have unequal legs. The leg provides a backstop for easy installation of the liner panel. Three-inch leg track is typically used as a jamb strut around closure details, including duct and door openings, abutments and intersections.

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USG H-Stud Area Separation Walls

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